Ruben Torres Internation

Be inspired - be encouraged - be everything god created you to be

Hire Ruben

Ruben is a highly sought after motivational and inspirational speaker, teacher, leader and a man after God’s own heart who travels extensively bringing a dynamic message of hope, inspiration, encouragement and salvation to very diverse audiences all over the world.

Ruben is also a life coach and a personal development coach who takes great interest and supports those he works with to achieve their goals, ambitions and live the life of their dreams. Many go on to become highly successful leaders in their respective industries themselves.

I want to coach you, develop you and minister to you.

As a life coach and personal development coach:

If today, this very minute, you find yourself wondering why was I put here on this earth and perhaps you are feeling down and out, broken, feeing like an out cast and forgotten, I want to talk to you. I want to encourage you and minister to you.

If you are hurting, you feel lost, sick, or perhaps you feel all alone, I’m looking for you. God is calling you.

I have helped many people find their purpose in life and not only find their purpose, but also pursue their purpose with fire and passion.

Allow me to walk alongside you and inspire you, encourage you, motivate you and minister to you by laying out practical steps to get you to live your best life today.

God created you on purpose for a definite purpose. You are a masterpiece.

Perhaps you may not feel like one, but I will get you there.

Let’s join together and allow me to take you by your hand and your heart to getting you to live your fulfilled, satisfied live today.I am available to speak at your next conference. I will Impact, Inspire, Influence and Instill hope and purpose into your seminars and conferences. I will bring a dynamic message to my audience so that they can take truths back to their sphere and apply these truths to daily living.

Ruben is very encouraging and inspiring.

Ruben speaks and ministers at churches.

Hear his powerful testimony of God’s goodness, His faithfulness and His healing power today. Ruben has a heart of compassion for the sick and the lost.

You will be moved by his power message and testimony where many get healed and saved.